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JDI MOLD and TOOL is establishing strategic alliances with leading value-added manufacturers of injection molded plastic parts and related services. This commitment is an integral part of our stated objective to provide creative and complete solutions for our customers at all stages of their project from initial concept of a prototype injection mold through design evaluation, tool development and mold tryout to final sign-off. Listed below are links to our strategic alliances. For details about any JDI Mold and Tool partners, contact our office via e-mail: or phone: 815-759-5640.


Established in 1980, Fabrik Molded Plastics provides a technologically-sound approach to plastics engineering, mold and tool design, mold making, production injection molding and insert molding. Fabrik offers full production capability in all of these sciences, as well as synergistic technologies. Fabrik Industries, Inc. has proudly carved itself a special place among the elite in this marketplace.

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In 1948, Jay Berwanger founded Jay Berwanger, Inc., a manufacturers' sales agency specializing in rubber, plastic, urethane and other elastomeric materials. Jay, a graduate of the University of Chicago in 1936, was the first recipient of the Heisman Trophy, awarded by the Downtown Athletic Club. Jay established a guiding philosophy to create superior value for all customers and principals through dedicated service and by providing integrated solutions to customers' applications. Jay Berwanger Inc. provides a vital role in the supply chain by acting as a consultant to our valued principals and customers.