Premier ISO 9001 certified injection mold builder - JDI Mold and Tool

JDI MOLD and TOOL was established in May 1995 on the principles of quality, service and speed. These principles embodied the basic concepts for differentiating JDI.

JDI would perform our work right the first time by blending well-seasoned personnel and state of the market technology.

JDI would strive to perform in ways that the customer's needs would be met. JDI accomplishes this by adapting equipment to unique performance requirements, changing shift patterns, working when others usually do not, bringing the team to bear on problem solving and benefiting from the years of mold building and injection molding experience to solve customer problems quickly.

JDI combines product offerings, designed for rapid completion, with state of the market technology in mold design, mold building and injection molding and team members who average over 15 years in their field. The JDI team understands that we exist to provide a service and routinely adapt their performance to meet the needs of the customer. Technology, experience and attitudes focused on customer satisfaction bring customer ideas to market faster.

Rapid Response in All Project Phases
From the simple to the complex, JDI routinely delivers precision tools and injection molded components fast and on time. JDI has a record of 100% on time delivery performance of molded components for three years running. Working from a new 16,000 square foot facility, JDI combines design, mold building and injection molding under one roof to provide rapid solutions. JDI excels in turning product ideas rapidly into finished components. 

JDI provides our customers informed assistance at each of the stages of their project from initial concept through tool design/development through mold tryout to final sign-off. In-house design capabilities utilizing powerful, state of the market CAD/CAM technologies backed by experienced engineering department assures a careful and insightful critique of design input and finished product, which has been truly designed for manufacturability. The emphasis on fulfillment of customer expectations has enabled JDI to grow steadily since its inception. The focus of JDI Mold and Tool is, and will continue to be, that our customers are the most important part of our business.

JDI augments its full time team when unplanned or surge requirements appear. JDI has proven part designers, mold designers, mold makers and injection mold capacity available through strategic and independent contractor relationships.